if you don’t think this carries an important message about our society then you are what is wrong with human society today

And this is why when you see a post empowering and uplifting black women, do not invade it with “don’t you mean all women?” No, because this is not the reality of “all women.”

This is so fucking sad

i can’t handle this. This distorted perception society has that lightness equates to perfection. 

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Man Hates Being Put In Position Where He Has To Think, Feel, Or Act

Awake early - B

Words of Emotion

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Paint in Oil

So fucking cool

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harlan ellison on getting paid as a creative worker

know your worth! know the worth of your work!

i’m all for working for free on communal DIY projects. i love writing for zines and blogs, i love acting for tiny tiny productions, i love playing music with friends.

but when you are out there, producing creative work as your means of living — know your worth! if you get a gig, get that money! if you’re working with millionaires, get your due! DON’T fall for these traps that tell you you’re doing it for “exposure”!

do work for free on your own time, and your friends’ time, all the time. but when you’re on someone else’s clock? bill those fuckers!

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photos from chobe national park in botswana and kenya’s masai mara by (click pic) nevil lazarus, franz lanting, paul goldstein, mario moreno and marcel van oosten. august 12 is world elephant day. give current poaching trends, the african elephant will be extinct within a decade.  (see also: previous elephant posts)




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This Man With Severe Cerebral Palsy Created Mind-Blowing Art Using Just A Typewriter

Last year, 22-time Emmy award-winning reporter John Stofflet posted this news video he created for KING-TV in 2004, featuring Paul Smith and his artistic talents.

See the full video to see more of Smith’s artworks and to learn more about his inspiring story go here. 

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This is why you should take photographs in bad weather.
Photograph by Tyler Metcalfe